VT AOE: Math for ALL! VIRTUAL Conference

Wed, Nov 8, 2023, 3:30 PM EST – Wed, Nov 29, 2023, 5:30 PM EST
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VT AOE: Math for ALL! VIRTUAL Conference

The All Learners Network Conference: Math for All is a FREE virtual conference for all educators. When you register for this conference, you will get the Zoom link for all three days and will be emailed the program of events so you can choose which workshops you would like to attend. Facilitators will go over tools and resources you need to raise achievement for every student.

Sessions will encompass All Learners Network's 5 Key Components:

  • High Leverage Concepts to focus instruction
  • A Main Lesson/Menu approach to foster inclusion and differentiation
  • A systems approach to improvement that includes the use of coaches and implementation science
  • Reliance on formative assessment practices to inform instruction
  • A Rapid Cycle of Inquiry to encourage participants to look for in-the-field solutions to frequent problems

We hope to see you VIRTUALLY on any and all of the following: November 8, 14, 29 from 3:30-5:30pm EST on Zoom.

November 8

3:30 - 4:25pm EST:

  • Keynote address - The ALN Team: Where does math education fit in the broader scope of equity?

4:35 - 5:30pm EST:

  • Session 1 - Building Number Sense with Dice Games, Lilly DePino
  • Session 2 - Using Menu in Middle School, Elizabeth Kielty

November 14

3:30 - 4:25pm EST:

  • Session 1 - Three Instructional Moves to keep your small groups Engaging, Challenging and Fun, Tara Trudo
  • Session 2 - IEP Goal Writing using High Leverage Concepts, Kate Hughes

4:35 - 5:30pm EST:

  • Session 3 - Leveraging Student Discourse in Elementary Classrooms (K-4), Carly Epstein
  • Session 4 - Using the HLCs to Guide Your Coaching Conversations, Josh Bunker

November 29

3:30 - 4:25pm EST:

  • Session 1 - Differentiation Through Problem Writing, Jonathan Bender
  • Session 2 - Rigor for ALL in the Mathematics Classroom, Let's Take a Closer Look, Kaaren Meyer

4:35 - 5:30pm EST:

  • Session 3 - Building Student Ownership and Thinking in the Classroom, Cynthia Teague
  • Session 4 - Calendar and Card Tricks - Great for Number Talks and Menu Items, Dorothy Sacca and Erin Oliver

The VT Agency of Education is sponsoring this event making it free for participants. Please contact ashleymarlow@alllearnersnetwork.com with any questions.

Ashley Marlow (she/her)

Director of Operations/ALN Facilitator

Carly Epstein

Full Time ALN Facilitator

Chris Farnham (she/her)

ALN CFO and ALN Facilitator

Erin Oliver

Full Time ALN Facilitator

John Tapper, PhD (he/him)

CEO, All Learners Network, ALN Facilitator

Kate Hughes


Katie Jacobsen (she/her)

Assistant Director of All Learners Online and ALN Facilitator

Sandi Stanhope

ALN CLO/ALN Facilitator

Tara Trudo

ALN Facilitator
  • All Learners Network
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