Supporting "Ambitious Teaching" Changes: Investigating and Developing Effective and Equitable Teaching Practices and Math Content Knowledge

$1400 usd
Mon Aug 9, 8:00 AM - Tue Nov 16, 7:00 PM (EDT)
East Side Restaurant, 47 Landing St, Newport, VT  

This course is designed for classroom teachers, special educators, and math
interventionist. It is based on current research which explores ideas for making
change in effective teaching practices and building students’ understanding of
essential math concepts.Course Objectives

All participants will
• Investigate the Five All Learners Network principals: High Leverage Concepts,
Lesson Structure, Working with Systems, Rapid Cycle of Inquiry, and
Formative Assessment
• Engage with research and resources to self-assess and develop equitable
teaching practices to meet the needs of all students
• Develop a deeper understanding of the mathematics at their grade levels as
well as the mathematics that provides the foundation and the extensions of
the mathematics
• Investigate learning progressions to create equitable and effective instruction
for all students
• Design PDSA cycles of inquiry for targeting instruction based on data and student evidence

Heidi Whipple

K-8 District Mathematics Coach

Sandi Stanhope

ALN COO/ALN Facilitator
East Side Restaurant, 47 Landing St, Newport, VT